Aromatic Bath to Improve Your Looks

Aromatic Bath to Improve Your Looks

Baths have been taken since time immemorial to improve both health and beauty. Continuing in this tradition, bath oils, in which essential oils are used, are the most popular.

An aromatic bath is not only useful for the wonderful aroma it creates, but also for the numerous therapeutic properties in the various essential oils. It is magical to relax at night in a warm bath. Morning baths, using uplifting and fortifying essential oils, also excellent.

Essential oils are not absorbed by water, so they form droplets that will stay on the surface. Even if they are mixed into water, they still have a tendency to stay on the surface. Their therapeutic action is gained through breathing in the odoriferous molecules they produce.

Simply place 4 to 6 drops of essential oil in the bathwater. Always check the properties of the essential oil before using it in the bath, as some can be an irritant to the skin.

The temperature of the bath and length of time spent in it are also important. Spending 15 to 20 minutes in a warm bath is calming. A cooler bath is invigorating. Very hot baths are not good for the vascular system and are not advised in cases of varicose veins, thread veins, haemorrhoids, high blood pressure, cardiac problems and pregnancy.

Too many baths have a drying effect on the skin and diminish its protection against infection. Aromatic baths, on the other hand, help to preserve and restore the skin. Four aromatic baths a week is the usual recommendation, except when otherwise prescribed.

A point to take note of when having a bath; do not rub hands on your eyes in case they have some of the essential oil on them.

Aromatic foot-baths are highly effective and are often prescribed when it is difficult, for whatever reason, to have a full bath. Use just 2 to3 drops of essential oil, mix well into the water and soak for 10 to 15 minutes. This method is useful for people who prefer taking showers to bath.