Questions and concerns about massage therapy

Questions and concerns about massage therapy

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Massage is generally a safe form of therapy but be sure to discuss massage with your health care provider if you have any of the following: AIDS, cancer, fever, diabetes, heart disease, high or low blood pressure, any contagious disease, nausea or have recently had surgery or are pregnant or are currently suffering from an acute pain. This is a partial list, consult with your health care provider if you are not sure.

Do not have massage directly over bruises, eczema, open cuts and sores, local infections, contagious skin conditions, recent scar tissue, recent burns, recent radiation sites, swelling or inflammation, thrombosis or phlebitis (a painful clot in a vein), tumors, swollen or painful varicose veins.

Do I wear any clothing during the massage?
Professional massage therapists use draping techniques with a sheet or large towel to respect your modesty during massage. Most of your body remains covered except for the area being massaged. Your comfort and privacy are important. You decide if you want to be partially or fully undressed. Some prefer underwear or a thong. You will have complete privacy before and after the massage to prepare. There are also techniques that work perfectly well with loose fitting shorts and shirt.

Should massage be painful to be beneficial?
Massage should not be painful. Some people equate deep work with pain but that is not necessarily true. If the therapist starts fast and deep then there will be pain due to the muscles resisting the sudden force. Slowing working the muscles, allowing them to relax enables the therapist to work the deeper layers of tissue without causing pain in most cases. If you feel pain, inform the therapist at once so adjustments to technique can be made if necessary.

Is it normal to fall asleep during massage?
It does happen, not a problem.

What if I feel uncomfortable during my massage?
Please, speak up. Your are the client, don''t be embarrassed to make a request.

Is massage therapy safe for a cancer patient?
Massage for cancer patients was contraindicated when I first received my massage training in 1998. Since that time, research has suggested that massage may be beneficial, even for patients undergoing active treatment for cancer. Benefits may include reduction of anxiety, pain and nausea. Better sleeping is also reported by cancer patients receiving massage. Of course, you need to discuss this with your doctor prior to receiving a massage. As a cancer survivor myself, I appreciate the concerns and will do all that I can to make your massage comfortable.

Do Florida massage therapists belong to a professional association?
Yes, I am a member of the Florida State Massage Therapy Association, Inc. Click on the logo to visit their website.

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Important notice: Please consult your healthcare provider prior to getting a massage to address any medical conditions.

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