Another Reason NOT to Drink Milk

Another Reason NOT to Drink Milk

Another Reason NOT to Drink Milk

We received an email about this young lady who has experienced some serious side effects from drinking milk that contains rBST. RBST (Recombinant Bovine Somatotropin or Recombinant Bovine Growth Hormone) is a synthetic version of the Bovine Growth Hormone, a natural protein produced by the pituitary gland of cattle. In 1930, the average dairy cow produced about a gallon and a half of milk per day. Today, rBST treated cows are producing an average of 6 gallons of milk per day! The milk production is boosted because the rBST causes the cattle to consume more feed and it increases the rate at which feed is converted into milk in the cattle.

RBST has also been found to increase the risk in cattle of mastitis (udder infection), lameness, reproductive difficulties, increased need for antibiotics, digestive problems, enlarged hocks and lesions, foot problems and a shorter lifespan. Increased mastitis rates could cause an increase in antibiotic treatment for cows. Over 50 percent of all the antibiotics produced in this country are mixed directly into animal feed. Milk contains traces of up to 80 different antibiotics!

Following is the article we received in our email:

"Mitzi Lyons and her husband Kyle live in Gainesville, TX. Their daughter, Marissa, has been experiencing menstrual problems (bleeding every day) for three years and within the last year; she started producing milk (lactating). They have performed every test, every surgery, put her on birth control and in January were scheduled to undergo a hysterectomy.

NEVERTHELESS, Mitzi''s dad started researching his granddaughter''s condition on the internet found out about rBST in milk.

RBST is a hormone injected into cows to produce more milk. Wal-Mart Great Value milk contains rBST and is the brand that the Lyons family has used for years.

Three months ago, they pulled Marissa off Great Value Milk and she quit bleeding and lactating. Her doctors in Houston are going to write a medical journal discovery about her case, because the FDA says that rBST is safe."

One more reason to know that "Milk does NOT do a body good."